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May 28, 2014

Texas A&M at Qatar Receives $31.7 Million in Research Awards

Texas A&M at Qatar has been awarded Exceptional Proposal recognition by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) at QNRF sixth annual Research Forum.

Texas A&M at Qatar received 38 awards out of 118 proposals submitted — a 32 percent success rate — totaling $31.7 million in research funding.

Dr. Mark H. Weichold, dean and CEO of Texas A&M at Qatar, said, “It is fundamental to Texas A&M at Qatar’s mission to lead efforts that build research capacity in Qatar and contribute to Qatar’s goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy. Our success in this recent NPRP cycle of awards supports our mission to be a valued resource to the State of Qatar. I am tremendously proud that our faculty compete so well on a global scale and do so much to foster collaboration with experts in Qatar and around the world.”

Dr. Kenneth Hall, associate dean of research and graduate studies, said, “This significant funding from the QNRF NPRP program allows our faculty members and researchers to continue their relevant, real-world research for the benefit of Qatar. Fundamental research leads to technological and economic development, and our researchers have a proven record of garnering the funding and results needed to drive change. We are delighted and pleased with these awards, and we are deeply grateful to QNRF.”

In addition to this remarkable achievement, the team led by Texas A&M at Qatar’s Dr. Milivoj Belic, a physics professor in the Science Program, and his research team were named the outstanding research team.

Belic’s team research focuses on photonics, the science of harnessing light. Photonics plays a major role in driving economic growth and employment throughout the world, while solving important societal challenges in information and consumer technologies, renewable energy, health, manufacturing and security. The support of essential fundamental and applied research in photonics will place Qatar in a leading position globally in this high-impact, multidisciplinary field, Belic said.

Belic said, “In terms of outcomes, the team has been highly successful. We generated about 100 papers published in highly reputed, peer-reviewed journals in physics, such as Physical Review A&E, Optics Letters, Optics Express and Laser Photonics Reviews. In three years since publication, these papers have attracted a few hundred citations and the number is rapidly rising. Based on the fact that many of these papers have already been cited more than dozen times, it is clear that they will produce a considerable impact on the field of photonics — in particular on the formation of light bullets in media with varying nonlinearity, Anderson localization of light in optical lattices and the nonlinear Talbot effect of optical rogue waves, among other.”

Contact: Nehal Maher, Texas A&M University at Qatar,, +974.4423.0540, +974.5542.8289


April 3, 2014

Texas A&M at Qatar hosts industry recruiters at annual Careers for Engineers event

Texas A&M University at Qatar hosted its eighths annual Careers for Engineers event at the Texas A&M Engineering Building19 March. More than 50 companies and organizations participated including the University’s strategic industry partners.

As one of the main activities of the Student Engineers’ Council (SEC), the Careers for Engineers event fosters valuable connections between industry recruiters and students. Both continuing students and upcoming graduates can showcase their qualifications for internships and full-time employment opportunities.

“I am proud of the success of this year’s event,” said Dr. Todd Kent, assistant dean for academic affairs. “Thanks to our industry partners, the University hosted representatives from leading companies in Qatar and the region, which gave our students the opportunity to meet industry leaders and learn more about engineering careers in the region. The event, promoting Qatar’s young engineering professionals, is contributing to the development of the State of Qatar’s workforce, which is key to enrich the country’s human capital. Both our students and graduates showed industry leaders how they can contribute to Qatar’s future development and growth.

“The Student Engineers’ Council had great contributions to the event as it served industry participants, created a professional atmosphere, and made huge efforts to make the event a success,” he added.

Students from the University’s four engineering programs — chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering — attended the fair and discussed their skills and applied for positions with interested industry leaders.

About Texas A&M University at Qatar

Texas A&M University, recognized as having one of the premier engineering programs in the world, has offered undergraduate degrees in chemical, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineering at Qatar Foundation’s Education City campus since 2003, and graduate courses in chemical engineering since fall 2011. Over 400 engineers have graduated from Texas A&M at Qatar since 2007. In addition to engineering courses, Texas A&M at Qatar provides classes in science, mathematics, liberal arts and the humanities. All four of the engineering programs offered at Texas A&M at Qatar are accredited by ABET. The curricula offered at Texas A&M at Qatar are materially identical to those offered at the main campus in College Station, Texas, and courses are taught in English in a co-educational setting. The reputation for excellence is the same, as is the commitment to equip engineers to lead the next generation of engineering advancement. Faculty from around the world are attracted to Texas A&M at Qatar to provide this educational experience and to participate in research activities now valued at over $159 million, and that address issues important to the State of Qatar. Visit

December 18, 2013

Texas A&M University at Qatar hosts Fall 2013 Recognition Ceremony

Texas A&M University at Qatar honored its fall degree candidates and summer graduates at a recognition ceremony on 16 December at the Hamad bin Khalifa University Student Center at Education City.

This year’s annual fall graduate recognition celebrated 18 University graduates and degree candidates since the official Spring commencement ceremony in May 2013.

The ceremony recognized nine graduates from August and nine degree candidates from this December.

Opening the event, Dr. Hamid Parsaei, associate dean for Academic Affairs at Texas A&M at Qatar, said, “This December marks one more momentous moment in Texas A&M at Qatar’s bright history where we recognize and celebrate 18 of our new Aggie engineers who have successfully completed their remarkable academic journey and received their degree from one the finest engineering institutions in the world.”

The ceremony and reception offered an opportunity for graduating students to reflect on their achievements during undergraduate studies and future career prospects.

Batool Hashim Al-Sayed , electrical engineering summer graduate, said, “This honor is the motivation for new start. I have very much enjoyed my time at Texas A&M at Qatar and this is one of the most memorable moments of my life.”

December 2, 2013

Engineering the Feeding of a Nation

Texas A&M University at Qatar’s Dr. Patrick Linke is working to create innovative solutions one of the desert country’s most pressing challenges: food security.

Patrick Linke

Patrick Linke

The chemical engineering professor is collaborating with the Qatar National Food Security Program (QNFSP) to address challenging water scarcities in the small booming nation. Due to this water shortage, Qatar is dependent on substantial food imports for its basic food security and the challenge will only increase as the country continues its rapid economic and population growth. To combat this, Qatar has established the program to foster strategic food reserves, international trade and increases in domestic production through scientific and technological development in renewable energy, water management, agricultural development and food processing.

Linke, managing director and cofounder of the Qatar Sustainable Water and Energy Utilization Initiative (QWE) at Texas A&M at Qatar, is supporting this effort by the country as the chief engineer of QNFSP. Linke, a process systems engineer, focuses on the design of efficient processes, integrated systems and associated infrastructures with a concentration on energy and water systems. He currently leads research into innovating desalination process designs with a focus on membrane-based systems, the optimal use of renewable forms of energy for desalination, desalination infrastructure planning, the efficient use of energy in industrial zones, the synthesis of novel materials for power generation from alternative energy sources and the development of tools to minimize environmental impacts from industrial activities.

His work is helping develop long-term solutions that QNFSP hopes will boost the current domestic production of eight percent of the country’s demand to around 40 percent in the short- to mid-term.

Linke explains: “Careful systems analysis has led us to an integrated solution concept that addresses the countries water shortage. It enables the preservation and restoration of the nation’s ground water reserves whilst supplying agriculture with the renewable water required to support sustainable domestic food production.”

Texas A&M at Qatar is working with both industry and Qatar’s government entities to build new knowledge that will push Qatar’s tremendous growth and help the country achieve the aggressive goals it has set forth in its framework for development, the Qatar National Vision 2030.

QNFSP Executive Chairman, Mr. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiya, commented on this important contribution and effort, saying, “Dr. Linke’s leadership as chief engineer for the Qatar National Food Security Program and his work in helping to develop the National Master Plan for Food and Water Security, serve as a prime example of collaboration across sectors to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030.  By combining leadership in research and development with an ambitious drive for innovation in business and government, the partnership is helping to secure a resilient and sustainable future for the people of Qatar and a promise of healthy food and water solutions for the two billion people living in dry lands throughout the world.”

Media contact: Alicia Holland, Office of Marketing and Communications Texas A&M University at Qatar

December 2, 2013

World Congress on Engineering Education to recognize Qatar’s STEM Educator of the Year

Texas A&M University at Qatar and Maersk Oil Qatar today expanded their partnership for educating engineers by launching the second World Congress on Engineering Education and a new annual award and cash prize for Qatar’s top high school teacher of math and sciences.

This partnership extends Maersk Oil Qatar’s exclusive sponsorship of the World Congress on Engineering Education (WCEE). The inaugural Congress, held in January 2013, attracted hundreds of educators and researchers from five continents to Doha, and provided an important forum for discussing cutting-edge practices in engineering education, said Dr. Mark Weichold, Dean and CEO of Texas A&M at Qatar.

“The Congress brought together many of the world’s top scholars on engineering education and research, and their discussions are already influencing how we approach teaching and learning for engineering students in Qatar and beyond,” Weichold said. “These discussions would not have been possible without support from our industry partner, Maersk Oil, and we look forward to continuing that conversation at the second WCEE in November 2014.”

The Congress also highlighted the importance of math and science education for middle and high school students, Weichold said, and inspired organizers to create an award to recognize Qatar’s top teacher of math and sciences.

“Students must have strong skills in math and sciences to succeed in undergraduate engineering programs, and we want to recognize outstanding teachers in Qatar who provide that foundation,” Weichold said.

A selection committee will review nomination packets and choose the winning teacher, who will receive a cash prize of 20,000 Qatari riyals. Details about the competition are available at

Mr. Lewis Affleck, managing director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said a focus on youth initiatives in STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is a key element of Maersk Oil’s support for the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the country’s development of a knowledge-based society.

“We are delighted to partner with Texas A&M University Qatar for this pioneering forum for the second year running.  Maersk Oil Qatar recognizes both the importance of nurturing and developing local talent in STEM disciplines, and the value of high standards in engineering education as a key component in achieving a highly skilled workforce.  The WCEE plays an increasingly impactful role in this area, while the new STEM Educator award will recognise the vital contribution that exceptional teachers make to student development.”

Mr. Affleck said he looked forward to the outcomes of the second WCEE and that Maersk Oil was proud to support the advancement of engineering education for Qatar and the region.

“Maersk Oil Qatar operates one of the most technical and complex oil fields in the world offshore in the Al Shaheen field.  Working with local schools and universities to develop young people in science, engineering and technical skills is a primary focus for our company, and we hope that one day many will become future leaders in Qatar’s energy industry” added Mr. Affleck.

Media Contact: Nehal Maher, Texas A&M University at Qatar, +974.4423.0540 +974.5542.8289

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