September 22, 2014

Campus Voices: Amélie Berger

Amélie  Berger

Amélie Berger

What does the ASF award mean to you?

I feel so happy and honored to have received such a prestigious award! This award really motivates me to continue in my field of study, and inspires me to become a leader in this field so I can have a positive impact on this country.

How do you plan to use the award?

The award will help me finance my senior year at Texas A&M. The rest of the money will help me apply and pay for graduate school.

What sparked your interest in Texas A&M?

I was raised in France, and when it was time for me to choose a school, I researched many geoscience-related programs both in France and in Texas. I was inspired by the wide range of choices offered by the College of Geosciences, and decided to become an Environmental Geosciences major. I also picked two minors, oceanography and meteorology, to make my degree even more interdisciplinary. I did not know anything about A&M traditions or research and study abroad opportunities when I first applied, but I quickly realized what an amazing school I chose to go to.

What sparked you current career interests?

In high school, I was drawn to science, geosciences in particular. Everything about my experience at Texas A&M has strengthened my passion for climate change and sustainability. Taking classes about environmental and climate science, studying abroad, and doing research in climatology with Drs. Frauenfeld and Thomas are all reasons why I have thrived as an undergraduate, and now aspire to eventually become a leader in this field.

A note from  Oliver Frauenfeld, assistant professor, Department of Geography

Amelie is an outstanding representative and was nominated because, based on my observing undergraduate students at various universities including now Texas A&M, I rank her in the top one percent of her peers. She shows the greatest promise of the undergraduates with whom I have worked in terms of becoming a leader in the interdisciplinary field of environmental sciences, and she has amassed an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge and research experience in her three years at Texas A&M. Beginning as a freshman, she has conducted research on paleoceanography, Arctic climate change, and field research in the Costa Rican cloud forest, while maintaining an almost perfect GPA and finishing an optional senior undergraduate honors thesis (one year early, as a junior).

In terms of her prospects – this is a really exciting time for Amelie. With her background and interests she has so many options available to her. But given her intellect and success so far at research, data analysis, field-work, and of course her class work, I have no doubt that she will succeed at whatever she ultimately ends up pursuing in terms of scholarly activity!

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Meet Amélie Berger

Amélie Cecile Berger is Class of ’15 senior majoring in Environmental Sciences. She is the 2014 recipient of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Award of a $10,000 scholarship to be presented to her on October 2 during a program address by former astronaut Scott Parazynski, M.D. Free tickets to the program, scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in Rudder Theatre, are available from the MSC Box Office.