July 11, 2013

Aggies Invited To Compete As Models For War Hymn Statue At Kyle Field

War Hymn Memorial Statue as planned

A contest is underway to select 12 Texas A&M University students to model for the “people” to be featured in the War Hymn Monument statue to be installed on the student side of Kyle Field as part of the remodeling and expansion of the stadium.

A rendering of the memorial is shown in a video that can be viewed at http://Kylefield.com. The statue is meant to depict a diverse group of 12 Aggies “sawing varsity’s horns off” at a football game.

Photos of the contest winners “sawing varsity’s horns off” will only be used by the statue artist to ensure authentic representation of the 12th Man. Therefore, organizers anticipate that no readily identifiable images of the students selected in the contest will be used.

Contest organizers say students who want to enter their names for consideration must meet certain criteria. They must be registered for classes this coming fall, have a satisfactory disciplinary record, be in good standing with the university and not have any overdue or outstanding financial obligations with the university.

Also, interested students must sign up for the contest by noon Tuesday (July 16) and, if selected, be available to come to College Station on short notice for a photo shoot.

Qualified students are invited by the contest organizers to complete the application online.

Organizers emphasize that, for 12 lucky Aggies, this is a chance to become a permanent part of Texas A&M history.


Media Contact: Sherylon Carroll  or Tom Reber

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