September 27, 2012

Texas A&M Ranked Among Nation’s Top 10 “Best Colleges To Work For”

Williams Administration Building at Texas A&M

Texas A&M University is ranked by Glassdoor as one of the nation’s “best colleges to work for”

Texas A&M University is ranked by Glassdoor, an online jobs and career community,  as one of the nation’s “best colleges to work for” — placing sixth overall, third among public institutions and first in Texas.

The prestigious business magazine released its “top 10” list Thursday (Sept. 27), with Brigham Young and California Institute of Technology heading it. The only public institutions to rank higher than Texas A&M are the University of Illinois and the University of Delaware.

Other institutions among the top 10 are Carnegie Mellon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, University of California-Berkeley and University of Utah.

The rankings are based on an “employer rating” system that takes into consideration how valued employees feel by top administration, a shared commitment to students and to developing tomorrow’s leaders, the passion employees have for their work, a sense of family and tradition on campus and overall job satisfaction. Other items such as good benefits, a healthy work-life balance and a flexible atmosphere are also among the criteria.

This is the second job-related survey published this month in which Texas A&M fares well.

Texas A&M ranks tops among Texas public universities on the basis of median starting salaries for graduates and what they are earning midway in their careers, according to the latest national survey by PayScale, a Seattle-based compensation data firm. A PayScale survey published earlier this year by Bloomberg Businessweek placed Texas A&M among the top 10 public institutions nationally on a return-on-investment (ROI) basis — what graduates earn in their careers compared to their college costs.

Traditionally, Texas A&M ranks high in national surveys about colleges and universities, particularly those that have “best value” perspectives. Earlier this month, U.S. News & World Report ranked Texas A&M second nationally among public universities in its “Great Schools, Great Prices” category.

Texas A&M University placed second nationally in Washington Monthly’s new rankings, released last month, that take into major consideration factors such as research and service. In the magazine’s 2012 rankings released Monday (Aug. 27), Texas A&M was runner-up to the University of California at San Diego.

SmartMoney magazine ranked Texas A&M first nationally in 2011 for “payback ratio”— which the magazine defined as the earnings levels of an institution’s graduates compared to what they paid in tuition, fees and related costs for their undergraduate educations. The Wall Street Journal ranked Texas A&M second nationally in a 2010 survey based on employers’ satisfaction with an institution’s graduates.

Texas A&M also fared well in a New York Times listing of what business leaders worldwide say are the top institutions from which they recruit — and ranked first in Texas. The New York Times spread, titled “What business leaders say,” is based on responses from “hundreds of chief executives and chairmen chosen from leading companies in 10 countries,” according to a notation explaining the selection process. The polling that produced the list of 150 institutions was conducted by the surveying company Emerging. Overall, Texas A&M placed eighth among public U.S. universities and first among all public or private universities in the Southwest or deep South.


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7 Comments to Texas A&M Ranked Among Nation’s Top 10 “Best Colleges To Work For”

  1. What kind of propaganda is this? You should check facts before presenting them as news. A&M is not ranked 6th, they rank somewhere between 41 and 82 (all schools in this range have the same rating). That sounds much less impressive. To check, just go to, click “Companies and Reviews”, type “university” in the “company” field hit enter, and select sort by overall rating”

    So, you rank employee satisfaction by employer ranking how valued employees feel by top administration?

    You cannot be serious?
    this is pure propaganda of the lowest kind.

    P.S. as with other comments I don’t expect this to be published since it goes against the administration’s narrative

  2. Michael on October 2nd, 2012
  3. Really Michael? You can’t conduct simple research? The link titled “Glassdoor” in this article takes you DIRECTLY to the article in reference, where Texas A&M University is CLEARLY ranked 6th.
    To make it even easier for you to check for yourself, as you have instructed us to do, click this link to see the table that Glassdoor themselves created.

    Whatever you looked up, Michael, was not what this “propoganda” feature is talking about. Take your misguided post elsewhere.

  4. Jeff on October 3rd, 2012
  5. Wow! I would like to know who conducted the survey, who they surveyed and what the criteria was or is. They shouldn’t even be in the conversation. period.

  6. John on October 3rd, 2012
  7. @Jeff, apparently you are the one who cannot conduct simple research. If you would have done any additional search you would have clicked (on the same page )the link: which shows a rating of 3.6. This rating is much more inline with the rating of 3.7 on the main site (just search for Texas A&M),8.htm

    So, if there are three different ratings; 3.6, 3.7, and 4.1 (the latter being an outlier compared to the other two) and you only gloat about the 4.1 rating that’s just propaganda.

    Employees at A&M have been complaining for years about no salary increase, erosion of benefits, lack of support from administration and such. You can argue if those complaints are fair, that’s not the point here. Knowing that, and this article claiming A&M is one of the best employers in the nation you have to doubt the results of this survey.

  8. Michael on October 4th, 2012
  9. @Michael, What this article focuses on is an independent study conducted outside of the University. It clearly states as of September 28, 2012 that Texas A&M is ranked 6th overall with a rating of 4.1. However on TAMU’s main page on glassdoor, the rating is a 3.8 as of 10/2/12.

    Michael, your so called “simple research” was dated August of 2011, over a year ago, so you look a little stupid arguing that ratings from 8/2011 (3.6 & 3.7) are valid.

    Glassdoor is not going to lie and give A&M a 4.1 when they deserve a 3.8, however, at the time of the study, A&M ranked 6th with a satisfaction rating of 4.1. It is not propaganda when the website clearly shows A&M ranked 6th, all A&M is doing is using this article to highlight that FACT (not propaganda). One may doubt the results, but they are still results and Texas A&M was clearly ranked 6th.

    Thanks & Gig ‘Em

  10. Chayse on October 4th, 2012
  11. @Jeff: Since we are focusing on the dates: the rating is 3.8 as of Oct 2, 2012.

    And Michael is correct. If one searches for universities, say just in Texas, then there are many with the same or higher rating that of TAMU.

  12. Daniel on October 4th, 2012
  13. @Jeff assuming your dates (although incorrect as Daniel pointed out) it would be very strange A&M’s ratings improving so significantly in that time period. Especially considering the layoffs and employee morale the last year. That should make you think twice.

    I’m not sure how glassdoor did this survey and who (and how many people) they asked but the other results show a very different picture.

    The main glassdoor site is very open. Everybody can go there, write a review, and give a rating. The results show 151 reviews (last one 2 days ago), with an average of 3.8 (3.7. on the summary page).

    To give the “ranking” of A&M even more importance this article also describes glassdoor as “The prestigious business magazine”. Come on, it’s a website where everybody can (anonymously) write a review. It’s not that prestigious.

    When you write an article gloating about a ranking, exaggerating the reputation of the source, omitting lower rankings mentioned on the same site, that, to me, is plain propaganda.

    FYI, here is a survey from the Chronicle (I think a bit more respected source for higher education) with the results of their latest “Greatest Colleges to work for” survey:

    Try to find A&M on the list of (4 year, more than 10,000 students) schools. I wonder why there was no mention of this survey?

  14. Michael on October 4th, 2012
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