September 7, 2012

Campus Safety Awareness Week Sept. 11-13

dorm room burn

A mock dorm room fire is part of this year's Campus Safety Awareness Week.

In an effort to promote safety and provide emergency preparedness information on campus, Texas A&M presents Campus Safety and Awareness week, Sept. 11-13. This safety awareness campaign will feature several events including a meet and greet with emergency responders, a presentation titled “Get Out, Hide Out, Or Take Out: What To Do In An Active Shooter Situation,” and the 4th Annual Dorm Room Burn, a live fire simulation exercise designed to demonstrate how quickly a dorm room can go up in flames and what to do if it happens.

For more information about Campus Safety Awareness Week, visit the event’s Facebook page here or call the Texas A&M University Office of Safety and Security at 979-821-1041.


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