May 7, 2012

MSC Vendors Partner To Support Student And Faculty Needs

Logo no URLThe opening and rededication of the Memorial Student Center is providing students, faculty, staff and visitors with new amenities and renewed fellowship as the dining hall, art galleries and public gathering spaces have sprung back to life.

Now, two vendors are partnering to provide new services in support of academic pursuits as well. The Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M University and Copy Corner have announced a new partnership to assist faculty and students in preparing and offering course packets and other course materials.

Effective with this summer and fall courses, Copy Corner will provide course packet publishing and distribution through the Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M bookstore. This provides Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M with a local partner in acquiring copyright authorization, publishing and distribution of faculty designed course packets.

As the university’s authorized on- campus purchaser and seller of course materials, Barnes & Noble at Texas A&M University works with faculty departments to fill their departmental orders for course materials provided to students, provides students an on campus option for purchasing course materials themselves, as well as collects and shares the listing of required and recommended course materials for all Texas A&M courses each semester. They share the listing with other vendors, post the listing on their website by course and link the listing to the Howdy registration portal for students to see what course materials are required and recommended for the courses they have registered. This practice ensures that Texas A&M is in compliance with federal and state regulations regarding posting of required and recommended course materials.

The listing also allows students to plan for the financial impact of each semester’s course materials, including comparison shopping among vendors and determining materials format options (new, used, rental, electronic, etc). Additionally, the listing allows vendors the opportunity to determine market needs for various formats and service amenities.

Copy Corner, which recently completed negotiations to occupy space on the west end of the MSC near the Leadership entrance, has supported faculty needs in copyright authorization, assembling and publishing of instructor designed course packets for more than two decades. Faculty are able to select pertinent chapters, case studies and other elements to assemble course materials that suit their specific course objectives. Copy Corner will also continue to provide off campus distribution opportunities at their Texas Avenue location, ensuring student choice in choosing vendor amenities.

By aligning efforts of these two partners, faculty now have the ability to report required and recommended course materials for their courses, design and receive publishing support for course packets and ensure students availability. Students will benefit from seeing course packet pricing in their review of the course materials listing and be able to arrange for course packets, along with other on campus purchases. Together, these efforts improve student and faculty services and keeps student purchase revenues in the local community.

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